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Weekly Update: 7/21/23

Save The Dates

Monday August 21st - Start of Conditioning Camp

Saturday August 26th - Back to the Boats 2023 9am-12n Location TBD

Development has been a cornerstone for the High Performance Camp this past week. After an intense training block leading to Summer Nationals, the focus has shifted to preparation for the Fall 2023 Season.

Head Women's Coach Ben Andrews is pleased with the dedication his squad has shown post Summer Nationals, stating, "There's a renewed energy going into the fall with dedication to hard work. A huge shift in dedication to do hard work."

This week, the athletes went back to the basics, learning boat handling, rigging, and safety. As part of Coach Williams and Andrews' summer program, the athletes were flip tested on Thursday, providing them with a controlled experience of a flipped boat to reduce any anxiety they may have about rowing in smaller boats.

Rising Senior and Men's Co-Captain Matthew Slear appreciates the squad's progress, saying, "Taking a step back in training to get ready for the fall is important, especially in developing our younger athletes."

On Friday, a coxswain-led workout engaged every athlete in a small team setting. The last week of the High Performance Camp begins on Monday.

There's also one more week of IDP, with continued focus on handling small boats in tricky situations like Friday, when rowers were challenged with retrieving tennis balls while backing and making river turns in their singles and doubles.

Finally, the Summer Learn to Row Program, led by Coach Nan Miller, has come to an end, introducing the sport of rowing to 98 potential athletes, a great foundation to build off of with some of those potential athletes moving up to the Youth program this fall and being difference makers.

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