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Rowing club takes over White Rock Lake rentals with goal of helping diversify sport

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

By Noelle Walker, NBCDFW CHANNEL 5 Published June 30, 2023 Updated on June 30, 2023 at 5:32 pm

The Dallas United Crew rowing club won the city bid to run kayak and paddle board rentals at White Rock Lake as Dallas Paddle.

People who rent kayaks and paddle boards at White Rock Lake are paddling with a purpose.

Dallas Paddle took over the rentals a few months ago, winning a 3-year contract with the city. The company is run by the Dallas United Crew rowing club, with the goal of making the sport more diverse and accessible.

"Rowing itself needs to be a more inclusive sport," Dallas Paddle and Dallas United Crew Executive Director Austin Brooks said. "We're trying to break down those barriers."

Some of the revenue from Dallas Paddle will go towards scholarships and outreach events in South Dallas.

Brooks says exposure to rowing helps develop teamwork skills and builds self-confidence.

"You learn academic skills in the classroom and there's things that you learn outside the classroom to help you be a more well-rounded person, and really trying to create next generational leaders," Brooks said. "And then hopefully get recruited to college and change lives impactfully for a long time."

Dallas Paddle replaces the White Rock Paddle Company, which shut down business last year.

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