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Ceremony Reflects Past, Present, Future

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White Rock Lake Weekly (October 20, 2022)

The members of Dallas United Crew’s PINK Dragon Boat team may seem like an unlikely assembly of women. They vary in age from 35-75 with diverse backgrounds, views and affiliations.

Most came to the unique sport with no previous experience and little athletic background. The one defining factor that brought them together was being on the receiving end of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Since introducing breast cancer survivor dragon boating to the DFW area in 2015, DUC Pink has welcomed more than 100 teammates and competed in festivals both domestically and internationally. While each race presents an opportunity for personal growth and camaraderie, perhaps the most poignant moments on the water happen at the end of each season during the Flower Ceremony.

The Flower Ceremony began in 1996 in Vancouver by a BCS team who wore pink flowers in honor of a teammate who could not join them in the boat.

The impromptu tossing of the flowers onto the water after their race started a tradition that is now deeply rooted in dragon boat culture.

This year’s celebration of life and remembrance will be held Saturday, Oct. 29 at 9 a.m. on White Rock Lake. The team will paddle out in two of the 22-person boats, interlock arms to join the two boats together, and take time to honor their teammates. Each flower tossed upon the water is representing a personal story.

The public is welcome to join on the dock at Big Thicket to participate and celebrate the life of all of those currently battling breast cancer, those who are thriving post cancer diagnosis, and to remember those who are no longer with us.

For more information, visit Facebook at Dallas United PINK.

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